News / Objavljeno: 3/21/2024

Jewel of Classical Ballet Laurencia Makes Croatian Debut in Choreographic Version by Ballet Superstar Nina Ananiashvili

Jewel of Classical Ballet Laurencia Makes Croatian Debut in Choreographic Version by Ballet Superstar Nina Ananiashvili

For the first time in Croatia, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the ballet "Laurencia" by choreographer Vakhtang Chabukiani, set to the music of Aleksandr Krein. The Croatian National Theatre Split Ballet will premiere this gem of white ballet by the great ballet reformer Chabukiani, based on motifs from the drama "Fuente Ovejuna" by Lope de Vega. Nina Ananiashvili, a Georgian ballerina and director of the Georgian State Ballet, who was once declared one of the 12 greatest ballerinas of all time and named the best ballerina in the world by US Dance Magazine in 2002, is preparing a new choreographic version of Chabukiani's choreography with the Split ensemble. The orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre Split will be conducted by maestro Levan Jagaev.

The protagonists will be performed by soloists and members of the Split Ballet ensemble. Josephine Mansfield will interpret the title role of Laurencia in the premiere, while Valery Lyubenko will portray her partner Frodos. In subsequent performances, Valerie Lin, Danil Podrushko, and Emanuele Sardo will take on these roles.

Alongside Chabukiani and George Balanchine, Nina Ananiashvili forms a triumvirate of superstars that Georgia has given to the world of ballet. Regarding the Split production of "Laurencia," Mrs. Ananiashvili says: "The Split stage is, of course, smaller than that of the Bolshoi and other major ballet theaters, so we had to adapt some scenes. However, the audience is closer, which gives it a special charm and the opportunity to see numerous details. The dancers work excellently, with great enthusiasm, and I try to share as much of my knowledge and experience with them as possible. 'Laurencia' is full of fantastic variations and requires strong technique. We have double casts of protagonists, all of whom are very different dancers from each other, and it's interesting to see how each of them interprets their role."

The plot of "Laurencia" unfolds in the 15th century in the Spanish village of Fuente Ovejuna. Young Frondoso, in love with Laurencia, opposes the village commander Fernando Gomez de Guzman, who desires the beautiful country girl for himself. Laurencia rejects the Commander, who seeks revenge, prompting her fellow villagers to rebel against his tyranny. The rebels, led by Frondoso, rescue Laurencia and defeat the commander, vowing to defend their freedom and dignity.

After the premiere on March 22, repeat performances will follow on March 23, 25, 26, and 27.