Duncan Macmillan


Exit Theatre and CT Sisak

Award-winning performance by the Exit Theatre, directed by Aida Bukvić, following the relationship of two protagonists, addresses the generation of people who are insecure and overcome by fear with imperatives of total "correctness" imposed upon them –while loosing the ultimate perspective of essential and irrelevant.


Young, educated and environmentally conscious.

They recycle, watch documentaries and art movies, read books about the right stuff, ride bikes, and buy from those who do not exploit. But they do drive cars, bathe in the tub, and sometimes leave the water running when they don’t need to.

Is it right to have a child and be environmentally conscious at the same time, represents just one of the doubts that will arise when one afternoon He suggests they have a baby. She worries too much, thinks too much and has a huge, really huge need to discuss everything, to consider things because everything done has to be premeditated well.

Lungs represents funny, emotional, sometimes brutally honest, off-kilter generation, who considers premeditation as an imperative, and uncertainty has long become their lifestyle. It is a slalom race full of suspicions, fears and the need for closeness, where one door is missed,a lot of time is lost at the other, while sometimes they get it right, in the right place at the right time when Life still happens.

Aida Bukvić, Director



"Lungs represents yet another typical play of the ExitTheatre repertoire, with the remark that its research of fragile, easily destroyed relations between modern couples, as well as the whole panorama of social fears which all our relationships go through, presents an interesting discussion template for many generations of adult viewers. The lively presence of actors on the stage allows the audience to emerge from the general virtuality as well as the ability to face their own anxiety through enhanced acting openness. Lungs makes us breathe less contorted, love less frantically, thus deserving the respect of our audience".

Nataša Govedić, Novi list

Authors' team

Text Duncan Macmillan
Director Aida Bukvić

Translated by

Lada Silađin

Set Design

Miljenko Sekulić
Costume Design Danijela Gotal Grgurač
Music Willem Miličević
Light Design Marino Frankola
Photo Miroslav Arbutina – Arbe
  Coproduction - EXIT Theatre and City Theatre Sisak


  Jadranka Đokić
  Amar Bukvić

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