East West - ballet tryptich
Sasha Evtimova, Martin Chaix, Igor Kirov

East West - ballet tryptich

Three excellent next generation European choreographers with three distinctive styles created this ballet tryptich which challenges the dancers' ability to quickly transform from one to another dance style, from classical ballet to conteporary dance and back

90 minutes with a pause

East West - ballet tryptich

This unusual dance begins in Macedonia, continues in Croatia and ends in France. There can be no East without West, they do not exist without the Centre that binds and separates them. However, frontiers or boundaries cannot be bridged with passports, but with music - an invitation to new dance landscapes. Choreographic units of some 20 to 25 minutes, thematically sustained by the title of this programme, introduce choreographers of new European generation, but also choreographers with three different styles of dance. Choreographic vocabulary of Evtimova, Igor Kirov and Martin Chaix are neoclassical, but, at the same time strongly individualized. They capture your attention by solid dramaturgy and high aestheticism in one moment, only to burst with emotion, dynamism and imagination in the other.


Choreographer Saša Evtimova
Music César Franck- Piano and Violin Sonata in A Major
Costume Designer Aleksandr  Noshpal
Assistants to Choreographer Albina Rahmatullina, Elena Nikolaeva
Choreographer and Set Designer Martin Chaix
Music Krzysztof Penderecki - Sinfonietta per archi 
Costume Designer Aleksandr  Noshpal
Assistants to Choreographer Albina Rahmatullina, Elena Nikolaeva
Choreographer and Set Designer  Igor Kirov
Music A. Vivaldi - Concerto for Two Mandolins, W. A. Mozart – piano & violin sonata no.21, J. S. Bach - Adagio in D-molu by Alessandro Marcello
Live Music Performance by Irina Smirnova - klavir, Ana Tošić D'Ambra – violina
Costume Designer Aleksandr  Noshpal
Assistants to Choreographer Albina Rahmatullina, Mojca Majcen
Light Designer Srđan Barbarić
Sound Designer Petar Ivanišević
Production Assistant Gorenka Žižić Jagar
Stage Managers Albina Rahmatullina, Irina Nikolenko



PATTERNS Ekaterina Kuznjecova, Monica Dinoni, Ajla Kadrić, Eva Karpilovska, Sanja Bikić, Ivan Boiko, Remus Dimache, Salvatore Cerulli, Aleksandar Korijakovski, Aaron Kok
(Tina Hatlak, Sanja Dimache, Nikol Marčić, Gabriela Mede, Federica Vincifori, Romulus Dimache, Silviu Tanase, Daniel Jagar, Uroš Škaper, Evgenij Baranovski)
SINFONIETTA Eva Karpilovska, Gabriela Mede, Matea Milas, Ekaterina Kuznjecova, Irina Čaban Bilandžić, Sanja Dimache, Sanja Bikić, Anastasiia Boiko, Silviu Tanase, Salvatore Cerulli, Aleksandar Korijakovski, Artjom Žusov, Ivan Boiko, Aaron Kok, Romulus Dimache
(Tina Hatlak, Maja Lončar, Bojana Lipovšćak, Ajla Kadrić, Remus Dimache, Ashatbek Yusupzhanov, Daniel Jagar, Uroš Škaper)
THE EDGE Hazuki Tanase, Ekaterina Kuznjecova, Irina Čaban Bilandžić, Matea Milas, Ajla Kadrić, Aleksandar Korijakovski, Aaron Kok, Salvatore Cerulli, Ivan Boiko, Remus Dimache
(Federica Vincifori, Gabriela Mede, Maja Lončar, Bojana Lipovšćak, Tina Hatlak, Romulus Dimache, Artjom Žusov, Evgenij Baranovski, Uroš Škaper, Ashatbek Yusupzhanov)