Giacomo Puccini


Grandiose Puccini's farewell opera Turandot in many ways stands at the crossroads of the worlds. It was Puccini leaving the opera verismo for good daringly indulging himself in the new music-scenic challenges, new spirit of his times, insisting however on fatality or victory of his heroines in ever more spectacular and exotic environment.


After the triumphal première in the Meštrović Gallery at the opening of the Split Summer Festival last year, it was clear that Puccini's farewell opera would remain as part of the programme, and the remarkable acknowledgments and awards that followed only proved the impressiveness of this staging at the place where the monumental beauty of Meštrović Gallery, conflicting ethical principles causing the heads to constantly be on a platter as well as fearless search for the fullness of love have been intertwined.

Opera is sung in Italian, with Croatian and English subtitles.

Authors' team

Conductor Loris Voltolini
Director Ozren Prohić
Assistant Director, Choreographer Jasna Frankić Brkljačić
Costume Designer Mirjana Zagorec
Set Adaptation Ivica Kalebić i Ozren Prohić
Choir Leader Ana Šabašov
Light Designer Zoran Mihanović
Children's Choir Leader Nela Luketić
Conductor of Stage Music Nina Cosetto
Concertmaster Valter Lovričević
Assistant  Costume Designer Sonja Obradović
Assistant Choreographer Snježana Radica
Accompanists Vera Pavasović, Tetjana Borčagivska 


Turandot  Cvetelina Vasileva 
Calaf Ivan Momirov
Liu Valentina Fijačko Kobić, Antonija Teskera
Timur Ivica Čikeš
Ping  Leon Košavić
Pang Vinko Maroević
Pong  Špiro Boban
Altoum Ante Ivić
Mandarin Mate Akrap
  Choir, Orchestra and Ballet of CNT Split
  "Jospi Hatze" Music School Children's Choir