Enca Kovačević
Artist at Meštrović’s

Enca Kovačević

Cycle Artist at Meštrović’s brings contemporary sculptors and painters to the Meštrović Villa, putting them into a new context. By presenting an artist this cycle at the same time produces a very specific face-to-face that arises when one artist is present in the spiritual and artistic space of the other. The Artist at Meštrović’s in 2017 is the painter Enca Kovačević. Open until 10th September


Enca Kovačević

It is precisely Enca Kovačević, a painter from Split, with her soft but yet powerful visual expression, reminding us that there were times in which talent was measured by the innate ability to express emotions, realities, dreams and imagination using fine art techniques, who deserves the opportunity to be Meštrović’s guest. Just like Meštrović who continued following his classical figurative artistic expression regardless of the various avant-garde styles and directions that emerged and took hold in the 20th century, Enca Kovačević remains faithful to her romantic figuration.

Counterpointing Enca and Meštrović is particularly interesting because it highlights the key features of the two apparently completely different kinds of art, counterpointing them so much that they are finally coming closer to each other. Meštrović is primarily a sculptor, Enca is a painter. Even when he engages himself in painting, Mestrović's palette is dark, and the characters are robust; Enca cultivates gentle pastel coatings. Meštrović approaches woman as a son, husband, lover and father, Enca approaches woman as a woman. Meštrović sculptures inspired by a model, Enca paints from memory. Meštrović is a strong, stubborn participant of cultural and political events of his time, Enca lives her social role and her art modestly.

(Vesna Bulić Baketić, 2017) 


Curator: Vesna Bulić Baketić

Reviewers: Biserka Rauter Plančić, Marin Ivanović