Vienna Glass Armonica Duo

Vienna Glass Armonica Duo

A couple of Viennese musicians, Christa and Gerald Schönfeldinger, will introduce the Split audience with an unusual historical instrument called Glasharmonika ("glass accordion"), the rotating axis on which glassware of different sizes are mounted, but also with works composed expressly for this instrument, mostly from the 18th century.

Vienna Glass Armonica Duo

The two Viennese violinists have crowned their affection for music history by creating the Vienna Glass Armonica Duo, a unique musical project that familiarizes audiences around the globe with a nearly extinct instrument. Glass armonica, meaning glass accordion, was an exceptionally popular instrument of the 18th century, after which it was almost forgotten. From that period there are records of a series of works for glass harmonica written by composers such as W. A. Mozart, J. Reichardt, C. Röllig, and A. Schulz. Today's audience can learn about these music works thanks to the enthusiasm of this interesting couple. Besides the glass harmonica, the duo also uses a verrophone, another glass instrument, while the music they produce is described as "emotional symbiosis of poetic chamber music and meditative, intense sound experiences". Vienna Glass Armonica Duo has performed with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Japane Philharmonic Orchestra, the Amati Quartet ... With a wide repertoire compiled from works written for glass harmonica, classical orchestral and opera compositions as well as works by contemporary composers, they have given a series of solo concerts and played at different music festivals - in Vienna, Florence, Gdańsk, Tokyo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Berlin, Bayreuth, Rome ...


Carl Röllig (1754-1804): Siciliano for Glass Armonica

Robert Schumann  (1810 -1856): Von fremden Menschen und Ländern*

                                                     from ”Kinderszenen” Op. 15

Traditional – Lebanon: Wa Habibi*

Henryk Wieniawski  (1835-1880): Kujawiak*

Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756 - 1791): Adagio for Glass Armonica in C major KV 617a

Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756 - 1791): Fantasy in D minor  KV 397*

Traditional – Turkey: Nihavent Sirto*


Arvo Pärt (*1935): Da pacem Domine*

Edward Grieg  (1843 - 1907): Smartrold  - der Kobold*

Gerald Schönfeldinger (*1963): Das vergessene Lächeln

                                                    Capriccio facile

Phillip Glass    (*1937): Music Box*     

Margarita Lecuona  (1910-1981): Tabú*

Traditional - Seden : Tusen Tanker*

*  Arrangements for Glass Armonica and Verrophone: Ch. & G. Schönfeldinger

Glas Armonica Christa Schönfeldinger
Verrophone Gerald Schönfeldinger