5 to 12
Igor Kirov

5 to 12

Kirov's "Rubik's Cube” is still as current as three years ago when the audience was delighted at the 61st Split Summer Festival, and to this day, apart from Split, thousands of spectators saw it on stages in Bratislava, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Ohrid, Bitola, Štip, Belgrade and Šibenik. 

5 to 12

Set in twelve acts with the same number of dancers, the play depicts six periods of human life that alternate within the endless counterpoint of gesture and movement. "Life is a cube rolling and turning and after it falls, it is our decision whether we accept the outcome or not. Living in a time when the cubes are cast or fall exactly at 5 to 12 means that we always have to be ready for everything”, Igor Kirov said about what led him through the creative process. Kiril Džajkovski, an award-winning Macedonian producer and author of film and theatre music, combines classical, electronic and ethno music, creating unique musical scenery for this virtuoso dance treat.


Igor Kirov


Kiril Džajkovski

Costume Designer

Aleksandar Noshpal

Set Designer

Matija Kovač

Assistant to Choreographer

Mojca Majcen

Ballet Master

Albina Rahmatullina

Light Designer

Srđan Barbarić

Sound Designer

Petar Ivanišević

Production Assistant

Gorenka Žižić Jagar

Stage Manager

Iryna Nikolenko


Sanja Bikić, Matea Milas, Ajla Kadrić, Iryna Chaban Bilandžić, Korana Bilan, Minori Nakayama, Ingeborg Hendrikx, Ivan Boiko, Remus Dimache, Romulus Dimache, Askhatbek Yusupzhanov, Uroš Škaper, Pavel Alexandrov