Heritart festival


Daniele Cipriani Entertainment

A dance journey through time-spatial niches connected with the Mediterranean Sea evokes the various cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region and links it into new forms of support and cooperation. Energy, beauty and power of both group and pax de deux performances represent a choreographed combination of reciprocity and contrast, where accuracy and precision interweave with the lyrical and the ambience. 


The two main male characters, Man of Earth and Man of Sea, form the basic connecting link of this dance piece and introduce us into a complex network of interrelationships mirroring thus the conflicts and disagreements of those sharing the same source, the same sea. This touching dance performance reminds us that communion and understanding is possible, not just at the symbolic level.

Ballet mistress

Stefania Di Cosmo


Claude Debussy


Andrea Caleffi, Ilaria Grisanti, Marco Lo Presti, Davide Pietroniro, Mattia Tortora