Peter Quilter


Histrion Acting Company

Glorious! is a musical comedy based on the true story of the astronomical success of the worst opera singer in the world. The show was premiered at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in 2005, and the plot was set in New York in the 1940s. 


The show tells the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, an enthusiastic soprano known for her notably poor singing ability. The audience loved her first of all for fun, and many celebrities were her loyal fans. At the age of 76, Jenkins’ dream finally came true and she booked Carnegie Hall for a general-admission performance on October 25, 1944. Tickets for the event sold out weeks in advance; the demand was such that an estimated 2,000 people were turned away at the door. Jenkins died a month later. This bizarre story served as an inspiration for a feature film starring Meryl Streep in the title role, directed by Stephen Frears and premiered in 2016.

Dolenčić directed Glorious! with the live piano performance of young pianist Fabijan Komljenović, accompanying hilarious "singing" and masterful interpretation of Anja Šovagović Despot in the main role.


Krešimir Dolenčić


Petra Mrduljaš Doležal


Peter Quilter

Costume designer

Tea Bašić


Daniel Pavlović

Sound technique

Marko Vodeničar

Scenic contractor

Irena Kraljić


GD Histrion


Liljana Gvozdenović

Tehnical crew

Enes Hodžić


Anja Šovagović Despot, Zoran Gogić, Marija Kuhar Šoša, Fabijan Komljenović, Vanja Matujec, Marija Sekelez