Laughter and Tears of the Old Split
Ivan Kovačić

Laughter and Tears of the Old Split

CNT Split Drama

The ritual of “laughter and tears” directed by Goran Golovko, representing a testimony of past times ever since its first opening in 2010, obliges us to ask ourselves about the principles upon which our lives today are founded. 

Laughter and Tears of the Old Split

At some thousand pages and with a lot of love and no frills whatsoever, diligent pen of Ivan Kovačić has embalmed from oblivion Split of the early 20th century. In a series of prose sketches it left us an authentic witness of the era and the people who lived in a completely different reality from ours. Not because they were poor, uneducated and technologically not so developed as we are today, but because they lived reality with principles 

Stage adaptation of this prose, abundant with motives, is set on "Judah’s Wasteland" - as Tonči Petrasov Marović has named the mythical place of Sustipan, the cemetery where the old City of Split had been buried actually and metaphorically. In a series of naturalistic vignettes play revives reality of the past as a distant echo of yesteryear childhood, as painful memory and a melancholic beauty.

Adaptation and Dramatization 

Olja Lozica


Goran Golovko

Set Designer

Ivana Poljak

Costume Designer

Marija Maca Žarak

Light Designer

Zoran Mihanović

Stage Movement

Alen Čelić

Music Assistant

Nela Bujas Luketić

Language Assistant

Jagoda Granić

Ivan Kovačić 

Ratko Glavina

Grandmother Filomena Kovačić 

Zoja Odak 

Grandfather Petar Kovačić 

Nenad Srdelić 

Father Špiro Kovačić 

Vicko Bilandžić 

Mother Marjeta Kovačić 

Bruna Bebić 

Brother of Petar Kovačić 

Trpimir Jurkić

Aunt Ane, Osib' wife 

Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov 

Frane Kovačić, Ivan's brother 

Marko Petrić

Stipe Bala, a weirdo 

Nikša Arčanin 

Jovana Keper's 

Nives Ivanković 

Jozo Keper, Kando Gradelica, a Hillbilly, Owner of a shop, a Priest

Zdeslav Čotić 

Dujka, Marica Prlainka, Lady with a hat 

Tajana Jovanović 

Franica, Mother Prlain 

Andrijana Vicković

A young man, Zermo, Bepo, Chief of Dustmen, Fabjan Kaliterna, Out-of-spite kind of boy, Ćozot, Mister

Goran Marković


Pjerino Luketić, Damjan Dadić