Ivan-Goran Vitez


Split Summer Festival and Pula Fim Festival

The recently divorced father of a nine-year-old, furious his daughter can't spend her birthday with him, bursts into her classroom with a birthday cake and a rifle. A hostage crisis ensues, and the mayor of the town in which the events take place will try to use the situation to gain advantage ahead of the elections, stopping at nothing. The son of a young policeman is in the same class, and before the events unfold, he’ll have to answer a question as well.


HR | 2019 | 
satire, thriller 

DIRECTOR Ivan-Goran Vitez | SCREENPLAY Ivan-Goran Vitez | CINEMATOGRAPHY Lutvo Mekić | EDITOR Ivana Rogić | PRODUCTION DESIGN Mario Ivezić | COSTUME DESIGN Katarina Zaninović | SOUND Frano Homen | SCORE Jelenko Hodak | MAKE UP Snježana Gorup | VISUAL EFFECTS Andreas Čogelja | LEAD ACTRESS Anita Matić Delić | LEAD ACTOR Milivoj Beader, Željko Königsknecht | SUPPORTING ACTRESSES Marina Kostelac, Nadežda Perišić Radović, Petra Vukelić, Frida Jakšić, Ana-Marija Percaić | SUPPORTING ACTORS Marko Cindrić, Darko Janeš, Filip Eldan, Zlatko Burić, Đorđe Kukuljica, Janko Popović Volarić, Zlatan Zuhrić, Franko Pavičić | PRODUCERS Ivan Maloča | COMPANY INTER FILM

Ivan-Goran Vitez (Zagreb, 1975) studied film and TV directing and dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. Extracurricular is his third feature film, with the first two being Forest Creatures (2010) and People’s Hero Liljan Vidić (2016). He has also directed short and medium-length feature and documentary films, as well as the series Bums and Princesses and Law!, as well as several plays. He is the president of the Filmmakers Association of Croatia.