Ero the Joker
Jakov Gotovac

Ero the Joker

Ero the Joker, the best and the most acclaimed Croatian opera in the world, is the overwhelming masterpiece of Jakov Gotovac, which will shine again in all its glory in its most natural environment this year again, on the very soil it has sprung from. Vrlika is the birthplace of the librettist Milan Begović, but also the origin of numerous folkloric incentives which Gotovac masterfully incorporated into this piece of work.

Ero the Joker

Full of beautiful folk songs and sparkling satire, this opera is one of the best works of Slavic opera literature where people with true virtues and faults live their fresh scenic life. The act that Mićo, a rich peasant, changes and pretends to have fallen from the sky, from the other world in order to test nature and devotion of the girl he loves, develops into a whole set of comic situations and plots. This is one of the few Croatian operas performed on stages abroad, mostly in Germany. The scenic vision of Krešimir Dolenčić has been performed for eighteen years, while this year's summer performance will be conducted by maestro Hari Zlodre with performances of well-established soloists Miljenko Đuran, Božo Župić, Terezija Kusanović, Antonija Teskera, Davor Radić and Tea Požgaj together with the dancers of Cultural Artistic Society “Jedinstvo”.


Hari Zlodre


Krešimir Dolenčić

Set Designer

Dinka Jeričević

Costume Designer

Danica Dedijer


Luciano Perić


Veton Marevci

Light Designer

Zoran Mihanović


Assistant Director

Jelena Bosančić

Assistant Choreographer 

Čiča Branka Trumbić


Tetjana Borčagivska, Ana Šabašov


Mark Anton Gančević



Miljenko Đuran


Mate Akrap


Terezija Kusanović


Antonija Teskera

Mlinar Sima

Marko Lasić


Tea Požgaj

Kolo   KUD Jedinstvo
CNT Split Choir and Orchestra