Nemanja Bogunović & Strings Attached Quintet

Nemanja Bogunović & Strings Attached Quintet

This year's Split Summer Festival will host classical guitarist Nemanja Bogunović with the Strings Attached quintet and a special guest, soprano Snežana Savičić Sekulić. In addition to a rich program, Bogunović will premiere his latest composition Nocturno Adriatico.

Nemanja Bogunović & Strings Attached Quintet



  • Mala Tema

(Strings Quintet)

  • Susret

  • Brazilski Ples

  • Uspavanka

  • Barcarola

  • Valse Amoroso

  • Hagia Sophia

(Nemanja Bogunović and Strings Quintet)


  • Ave Maria


  • O Mio Babbino Caro

(Snežana Savičić and Nemanja Bogunović)


  • Melodia Sentimental

(Snežana Savičić, Nemanja Bogunović and Strings Quintet)


  • Ne Poj Krasavica

(Snežana Savičić and Strings Quintet)


  • Nocturno Adriatico (premiere)

  • Tango Azul

(Nemanja Bogunović)


  • Asturias

(Nemanja Bogunović and Strings Quintet)


  • Il Bacio

(Snežana Savičić, Nemanja Bogunović and Strings Quintet)


Nemanja Bogunović

Nemanja Bogunovic started playing the guitar at the age of seven, and gave his first concert at the age of ten.

He graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Belgrade.

Mr. Bogunovic gave recitals and public appearances in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and also appeared as a soloist with several chamber and symphonic orchestras in the USA and Europe.

Nemanja Bogunovic is an artist with a very sensitive approach to the guitar . His playing represents a great combination of virtuosity, colorful expression and delicate sound. Because of his extraordinary musicianship, he has been recognized as “Guitarist of poetic musicality”, and “Gentleman with a guitar”.

His Belgrade debut of Concerto de Aranjuez was graded “totally remarkable” by the Serbian press.

He has performed for numerous heads of state (including former US president Jimmy Carter and Soviet prime minister Mikhail Gorbachev), members of royal houses, as well as stars like Roger Moore, Barbara Streisand, Sean Penn, Kevin Costner, and many others.

He also held concerts at venues such as The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and the United Nations in New York.

Besides performing, Nemanja Bogunovic writes his own music and makes arrangements for the guitar. He wrote his first composition at the age of fourteen. His works have been performed by various artists worldwide.

He has published three solo albums, two books of transcriptions for the guitar, and a collection of his original compositions titled “Complete Guitar Works”.

He gained international recognition with the release of his album “The Soundtrack“, on which he recorded his original arrangements of famous movie themes, also published in his book “Unforgettable Movie Themes“, which is being sold in over thirty countries.

In 2018. he started a collaboration with the string ensemble “Strings Attached”, formed by the members of Belgrade philharmonic orchestra, who are also featured on his new release album “Bogunovic plays Bogunovic”.

Nemanja Bogunović


Snežana Savičić Sekulić 


Strings Attached Quintet