5 Till 12
Igor Kirov

5 Till 12

After last year’s premiere, 62nd Split Summer Festival repeats Igor Kirev’s modern ballet in its natural environment – Sustipan, after it was enthusiastically received by the Split audience

5 Till 12

Life is a cube rolling and turning and after it falls it is our decision whether we accept the outcome or not. When you live in times when cubes are thrown or fall at high 5 till 12 and sometimes even at 5 past 12 it means that we should always be ready for anything. It is just the same now in this dancing world of cubes and colours. This world was dreamt by Igor Kirov, the choreographer, as a perfect set of 12 cubes in 12 acts with 12 dancers well aware that every dream of perfection can easily fall down like a house of cards and starting it all over playing the new game called “5 till 12”.

In a life game, and sometimes even a game of life, we are provoked by different triggers and motives. In a dance game we are primarily motivated by music, in this ballet it is carefully selected and passionately lived out by Kiril Džajkovski, making it the center of choreography impulse leading us into a world of cubes full of colours, energy and danced with love.

"He gathered around him a creative team who enriched his complex creativity in all the segments of theater act. Contemporary dance expression, splendid music, authentic costume design, deliberate set design and excellent dance ensemble resulted in a sensational and impressive performance.”

( Sanja Petrovski, plesnascena.hr )

"Kirov made good on his threat to create a “WOW” ballet performance."

"From the very beginning to the end of this ballet treat, 12 dancers of the Croatian National Theatre Split Ballet Ensemble demonstrated their superb aptness, accordance, professionalism, harmony, and love towards dance. They brought into the stage and dispersed before the packed audience some strange, contagious energy and emotion. The audience, delighted with this completely new, modern and different kind of ballet, offered a long applause and “Bravo!” acclamations."

( Maja Pejković Kaćanski, Večernji list )

"Bravo! acclamations and a long, long applause of the packed audience saluted the last ballet premiere performance of this year’s Split Summer Festival, “5 till 12”, by Macedonian choreographer Igor Kirov on Sustipan on Friday evening."

( Živana Šušak Živković, dalmatinskiportal.hr )

"Contemporary ballet “5 till 12” was performed before the packed audience who witnessed an arduous, potent, very good dance performance conceptually and esthetically integrated within a mature and impressive choreography by Igor Kirov."

( Marijo Krnić, SlobodnaDalmacija)


Ticket prices: 100 and 120 kn

Authors' team

Choreographer Igor Kirov
Music Kiril Džajkovski
Costumes Design Aleksandar Noshpal
Set Design Matija Kovač
Ballet Master Albina Rahmatullina
Light Design Srđan Barbarić
Sound Design  Petar Ivanišević
Production Assistant Gorenka Žižić Jagar


Dancers Ekaterina Kuznetsova
  Gabriela Mede
  Matea Milas
  Hazuki Tanase
  Ajla Kadrić
  Eva Karpilovska
  Ivan Boiko
  Remus Dimache
  Romulus Dimache
  Olexandar Koriakovskiy
  Askhatbek Yusupzhanov
  Uroš Škaper

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