Diary of a Madman
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

Diary of a Madman

This interesting project by Marjan Nećak, Macedonian composer, won three awards at this years 23rd International Small Scene Theatre Festival in Rijeka, as well as the audience's award at 18th International Monodrama Festival in Bitola. 

Diary of a Madman

Premiered in Bitolj in June 2015 this is an author’s project by a composer and musician Marjan Nećak that cannot be defined by strict genre definitions although the very author characterized it as a “mono-opera”. This piece, an interpretation of Gogol’s short story, was specially prepared for the actor Ozren Grabarić while the play, using an unusual combination of music and scene elements, questions a distorted image of the world happening in the head of a minor civil servant who has been rejected by society and deeply disappointed. Due to sense of needlessness he creates his parallel inner universe in which he is important and powerful and we follow this shift up to exaggerated proportions. Witnessing development of a mental disease we try to find answer to ever present question - which world is actually more normal, more realistic, which one is more important?

Drama is performed both in English and in Spanish with Croatian subtitles.


“Grabarić fascinates with his portrait of Gogol’s character exploring tortuous perception of a civil servant’s world who has been marginalized and discounted by society. This complex short story by Gogol has been read passionately showing the audience that all of us have in a way been in conflict with reality. It is in a way tilting at windmills while Grabarić with his performance has proven that Gogol’s work is still actual in battles of ordinary people in their everyday endeavors, wishes and thoughts” Vanesa Begić, Novi list.


Ticket price: 100 kn

Authors' team

Director Marjan Nećak
Music Marjan Nećak
Set Design Marjan Nećak
Video material Marin Lukanović
Production Moving Music Theatre


 Performing Ozren Grabarić