Hoerspiel – Little Play for Listening (and Watching)
Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro

Hoerspiel – Little Play for Listening (and Watching)

Drama ensemble travelling through the early history of radio performs texts from all over the world as well as sound effects (foleys), atmosphere, music and silence. In such created fragmented dramaturgical universe we explore the boundaries between aether and theatre, honouring radio and the art of listening. Surtitles in English are provided during the performance 

Hoerspiel – Little Play for Listening (and Watching)

Basing this radiophonic theatre performance on the essay by Zvonimir Bajsić, “Father” of Croatian documentary radio-drama who believed that “the core of a radio-drama is its silence, as well as its negation – soundness”, a group of actors, musicians, radio authors and sound engineers directed by the author and dramaturge Pavlica BajsićBrazzoduro, dives into the history of radio and using few seemingly bizarre moments from history of this media conclude a general notion about the wondering sound, fragments of the past worlds which, if only we allow the silence to lead our way, could still surprise us restoring our imagination lost in the media swamped present.

Drama was premiered in the Lotrščak Tower in Zagreb on 30th November 2013. while its German adaptation has been staged recently.

Comments on HOERSPIEL:

"Project HOERSPIEL finds a unique form of intimate encounters of theradio with a live audience. We discover a warm and playful world, which we ourselves carry within our hearts and joyfully recognize it. "

(Darko Rundek, musician and director)


“When I say "play", I do injustice to HOERSPIEL. Because it represents experience, travel, meditation, a condensed piece of something larger than life that drives you at high, yet gentle speed, through an incredible range of emotions, thoughts and situations. "

(KatarinaPejović, dramaturge)


“Your voice is better than silence – your voice produces silence even out of noise.”

(EnesKišević, poet and actor)


"Rarely does it happen in contemporary theatre that the audience leaves the show completely filled with positive energy and a kind of refined aesthetic pleasure. (...) On a deeper level, the fact that in the theatre, being a visual media,you can play with a device designed exclusively for listening - radio and its sounds, tells us a lot about the superiority of human imagination, which, if it wishes so, can move mountains and disperse this energybefore the audience".

Bojan Munjin ("Novosti" and Croatian Radio, July 2014)


“HOERSPIEL manages to raise the fine antenna of our attention towards the sound which is like a huge, equally accessible bath of rhythms, noises, melodies, silences and energies, and the audience gets out of it "rejuvenated" for at least twenty years of Bajsić’s radio. Radio of the past thus becomes the radio of the future. (…)”

Nataša Govedić (“Kozmosonarna postaja”, Zarez, 4th June 2015)


Ticket price: 100 kn

Authors' team

Project Author and Director Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro
Music Dino Brazzoduro
Sound Design Dino Brazzoduro, Ivan Zelić i Ljubica Letinić
Light Design Marino Frankola
Visual Material Dalibor Barić, Klasja Habjan, Joško Gamberožić
Films Dalibor Barić
Photography Sven Medvešek, Tomislav Čuveljak, Sunčan Stone
Production Nina Križan for Multimedijalna koliba


Performed by Jelena Miholjević
  Ivana Rushaidat
  Sven Medvešek
  Dino Brazzoduro
  Ljubica Letinić
  Ivan Zelić
  Nina Bajsić
  Matija Antolić
  Ante Perković
  Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro