Molly Bloom
James Joyce

Molly Bloom

Graduation performance of two young actresses from Split who staged the last chapter of Joyce's Ulysses, tries to find the answer to numerous questions deriving from the basic conflict of the person's inner and outer self. Drama is played with English subtitles 


Molly Bloom

Katarina Romac and Monika Vuco staged the last chapter of Joyce’s capital work Ulysses, dedicated to Molly Bloom, Leopold Bloom’s wife, as their graduation performance at the Arts Academy of the University of Split. Focusing female dualism, two young actresses try to answer just some of numerous questions posed by Joyce dissecting the inner life of the “one who waits”: when traumatic thoughts start rushing, how does the defence mechanism function? What is there inside of us preventing us to be ourselves in the dark and solitude? When we are alone, are we truly ourselves or we have with us countless cultural, social, religious and ethic ingrained norms and rules? Why are we used today to inhibit our problems making them precipitate within ourselves as a time bomb wile on the outside we are strong, tough, hungry for success and the strongest? Why don’t we allow ourselves to just fall apart from time to time without refraining or feeling guilty? Why are we so afraid to show how fragile we are? How to express our need of freedom? 


Ticket price: 50 kn


Authors' team

Mentor Milan Štrljić
Translation Luko Paljetak
Associate Expert for Stage Speech Bruna Bebić
Associate Expert for Stage Movement Alen Čelić


Played by Monika Vuco and Katarina Romac