On the Road
Igor Kirov

On the Road

Igor Kirov, a choreographer highly appreciated and loved by the Split audience , returns to classical music and the search of his own dream in yet another summer ballet première. Dancingly, there are 32 longer or shorter images that carry the story of dream and insomnia, travel and the search

On the Road

To sleep, and still to be awake! It is hard to find better music stronghold and refuge than the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach for this state of mind. Just as the piano player Goldberg used the Variations to evoke the worlds between dream and reality to Count Keyserling,  we are using them to bridge the centuries, letting us again and again to be indulged in the search of our own dream.

"We have taken the road ... But where to? And why? "- asks Igor Kirov. "We go where the road takes us, where the silence of the unknown calls us ... to sense another smell, to touch another body, to discover another sound ... and to travel again. We take with us our home and warmth. We dream that one day we might SLEEP again ... and fantasize ... However restlessness within us is BIGGER and STRONGER. It haunts us without giving us a moment to close our eyes and get where we would like to be ... where the smell is different, where there is DREAM! "

Dancingly, there are 32 longer or shorter images that carry the story. And the story itself is insomnia, sleeplessness, a condition that each of us is familiar with and fills it with our own"trips". Some of us with our life, with memories. Others  with anxiety about the future or an unsolved present problem. Each of us has our own special “red line” and each of us in our own way seeks peace within ourselves to beat insomnia. 17 people, 17 chairs, two walls and one goal ... the pursuit of our dream!

The ballet begins and ends with arias, with 30 variations of a theme whose rhythm and tempo constantly change. They were originally composed for harpsichord, undergone a multitude of transcription, and this ballet one includes piano and the orchestra, making it sound lyrically and romantically at times, then again strongly and powerfully. Until the very finale when a new dimension is given by harp ...


Ticket prices

Premiere: 120 and 150 kn 

Other performances: 100 and 120 kn

Authors' team

Choreographer Igor Kirov
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Costume Design Aleksandar Noshpal
Assistant Choreographer  Mojca Majcen
Ballet Master Albina Rahmatullina
Light Design Branimir Bokan
Sound Design Tomislav Luetić


Dancers Ekaterina Kuznetsova
  Matea Milas
  Gabriela Mede
  Eva Karpilovska
  Hazuki Tanase
  Tina Hatlak
  Lejla Bajramović
  Ajla Kadrić
  Artjom Zusov
  Ivan Boiko
  Oleksandar Koriakovskyi
  Remus Dimache
  Romulus Dimache
   Uroš Škaper
  Askhatbek Yusupzhanov
  Yevhen Baranovskyi
  Francesco Bruni
  CNT Split Ballet