How’s Life
Nina Mitrović

How’s Life

Moruzgva Theatre

The play is based on extensive research and numerous interviews by the playwright Nina Mitrović with customers and employees of Zagreb nursing homes opening a number of social and philosophical issues.

How’s Life

How’s Life takes place in a nursing home. They put us there or we put ourselves there when we reach the so called third age.At that part of its winding meander, the river of life expects its estuary behind every bend.  Those are the last waterfalls and the last lakes of our freshwater basin perforated by magnificent law of gravity. And it is not a depressive course at all. Indeed! People love and make love there, quarrel and make peace, even party. Life happens there. Delicate details of such a life in this great play by Nina Mitrović will provoke cathartic cocktail of laughter and tears. It's a precious laugh because it overcomes the fear of the infamous final rest of the old age. And those tears are useful. They irrigate the withered fields of our inhibition. You will laugh of sadness and cry with laughter. You will remember your parents and your children, yourself, and your role in the show of life.

Croatian leading drama theatre actors, Biserka Ipša, Siniša Popović, Vinko Kraljević and Ecija Ojdanić, directed by Ivan Leo Lemo and produced by Moruzgva Theatre, will give you the answer to the question how`s life. And the answer is not a diagnosis, but a medicine with clear instructions on precautions and contraindications.

Btw, how’s life?

In the manner of intimate tragicomedy, Mitrović builds four living characters whose language and jokes convincingly correspond to their age. Her characters are old in time which tries to hide its age. Some are young enough, but they think they are too old. Emotionally they are layered in the total emptiness of the digital age. But what makes them close to the present day is a common sense of loneliness and regret for missed opportunities.

Anđela Vidović, Arteist

Autorski tim

Written and Dramaturgy by  Nina Mitrović
Director Ivan Leo Lemo
Set Design  Vesna Režić
Costume Design  Mirjana Zagorec
Assistent Director Robert Orhel
Sound and Music  Willem Miličević
Lighting Design  Elvis Butković


  Biserka Ipša
  Siniša Popović
  Vinko Kraljević
  Ecija Ojdanić