In Agony
Miroslav Krleža

In Agony

PUK - Putujuće kazalište and Scena Ribnjak

Three actors -NelaKocsis, OzrenGrabarić and Darko Stazić - have dramatically revised one of the most performed Krleža’s texts, directed it and played it masterfully as a chamber drama of an interesting and innovative concept.

In Agony

In Agony play performed at Ribnjak Stage in Zagreb is an excellent example of a theatre created outside representative institutions and safe donations, theatre fed only by the will of the main protagonists to run the theatre as they wish. The story is romantic but true: three actors - Nela Kocsis, Ozren Grabarić and Darko Stazić - one day, after a number of smoke-filled conversations, decided to explore the kind of acting they used to theorize endlessly for years ... In Agony is more exciting and more convincing than many Krleža’s plays we have been watching on our stages for years. What is most difficult is the simplest thing: in an hour and a half of acting on a chamber theatre stage, looking a bit bigger than a normal living room, we can feel that the three actors have worked hard on the text, characters and themselves but what they perform as their result could be called royal lightness of acting.

Bojan Munjin, Novosti

Authors' team

Project by Nela Kocsis, Ozren Grabarić and Darko Stazić
Set Design Petra Kriletić
Costume Design Marita Ćopo
Production  PUK - Putujuće kazalište & Scena Ribnjak


Baron Lenbach Darko Stazić
Laura Lenbach Nela Kocsis
Dr. Ivan pl. Križovec Ozren Grabarić