Partners in Crime
Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Partners in Crime

A psychological game of discovering "a history of disease" of a fifteen years long marriage and numerous problems that have been pushed under the carpet for too long.

Partners in Crime

"There are hundreds and thousands of dramas about the beginning or end of love, the best ones like Romeo and Juliet deal with both the beginning and the end, but there is no drama about the love that lasts." This was written by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, a Belgian writer, dramatist and philosopher, one of the most performed and most read French-speaking authors in the world, about his motivation to write Partners in Crime duodrama.

The basic dilemma of this drama, a combination of melodrama and thriller, about the love relationship after 15 years of living together, is "can love survive the initial encounter?" Schmitt weaves the story around two spouses. Gilles is suffering from amnesia as the result of an accident, returns from the hospital, and his wife Lise tries to help him remember his life. However, is it about amnesia? In this psychological game of truth and lies spouses review fifteen years of their marriage, their love, or what is left of it. Schmitt says that he cleared up the initial dilemma by completing writing the drama, concluding that "maybe love begins when you stop being in love”.


Authors' team

Director Trpimir Jurkić
Set Designer Vesna Režić
Costume Designer  Ana Marin
Language Consultant  Jagoda Granić
Light Designer Miroslav Mamić
Sound Designer Tomislav Luetić


Lisa  Andrea Mladinić
Gilles  Mijo Jurišić