Art Organization Teatroman and Kerempuh Satirical Theatre

Entertaining comedy originated as a logical sequel of a hit show 5 Women by the Kerempuh Satirical Theatre, Zagreb. Producer of both performances Roman Šušković Stipanović, leader of the Art Organization Teatroman, describes it as an acting stand-up comedy that does not escape the stereotypes of male-female relationships but confirms them

105 minutes

Directed by Mario Kovač, actors Goran Grgić, Boris Svrtan, Andrej Dojkić and Amar Bukvić will not only respond to the women but will also, through numerous funny examples from everyday life, speak about their frustrations caused by female behaviour towards them. Playing based on numerous stereotypes, the actors will boldly denounce the hypocrisy of daily and universal advocacy of closing the gender inequality gap. For men in our play, these gaps are welcome even when they cause feelings of discomfort and even more when they cause a sense of pleasure. Fighting against the stereotype of men, the actors will defend their complexes with defensive mechanisms of rationalization and projection (on women, of course). Stereotypes as subjects of this play needn’t be listed,it is enough to say that most of them will be shown in the play. From viewers will get exactly what they expect: an evening escape from everyday problems, relaxation, laughter and ultimate entertainment theatre experience.


Authors' team

Producer  Roman Šušković-Stipanović
Director  Mario Kovač
Costume Design Doris Kristić
Music by Tomislav Babić
Lighting Design Marino Frankola
Production Art Organization Teatroman i Satirical theatre Kerempuh


Players Boris Svrtan
  Goran Grgić
  Andrej Dojkić 
  Amar Bukvić