Dramski ansambl 64. Splitskog ljeta

Oresteia by Aeschylus, written in 458 BC, underpinning the European theatre represents the only extant example of an ancient Greek theatre trilogy. The tragedy of revenge that continues for five generations through the family line of the House of Atreus, at the same time represents a drama about the establishment of a new democratic and judicial system, and invites reason. 


Directed by the award - winning Macedonian director Dejan Projkovski and supported by the engaged dramaturgy by Jasen Boko, today’s Oresteia speaks about a series of moral problems that a modern society is faced with, in which the motive of the goddess of Hybris - insolence, lack of moral scruples and elemental humane humility – becomes everyday life. Aeschylus’ moral dilemmas, which are analysed in this bloody tragedy, are also the doubts of today's world, which, unlike the ancient Greek system of ethics, does not learn from its own mistakes - punishment rarely reaches the mighty, and moral responsibility hardly exists. Personal dramas of Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, Iphigenia and their ancestors Tantalus, Thyestes, Atreus, Pelops ... in Aeschylus’ tragedy of the vicious circle of family revenge open the motives and doubts close to the modern man and speak of the necessity of establishing moral responsibility and social justice. Shall we learn something from it?


Dejan Projkovski


Jasen Boko

Stage Movement

Jasna Frankić Brkljačić

Set Designer

Valentin Svetozarev

Music by

Goran Trajkoski

Costume Designer

Mladen Radovniković

Linguistic Consultant

Jagoda Granić

Light Designer

Srđan Barbarić

Sound Designer

Marko Mandić

Stage Managers

Sonja Dvornik and Frane Smoljo


Ksenija Prohaska


Siniša Popović

Aegisthus Goran Marković
Chorus Leader Marjan Nejašmić Banić
The Watchman Elvis Bošnjak
The Herald Zdeslav Čotić


Anastasija Jankovska

Orestes Mijo Jurišić


Petra Kovačić Pavlina


Nikša Arčanin

Athena Zorana Kačić Čatipović


Vanda Boban Jurišić


Vanda Boban Jurišić , Zorana Kačić Čatipović, Đana Kuzmanić, Ana Gruica, Zdeslav Čotić, Danijela Vuković, Luka Čerjan, Davor Pavić, Ivan Baranović, Stipe Radoja, Marjan Nejašmić Banić