Connect (If I Can)
Igor Kirov

Connect (If I Can)

If I Can, the premier part of the Connect trilogy by the renowned Macedonian choreographer and Director of Split’s Croatian National Theatre Ballet, Igor Kirov, offers us a powerful love story with the musical background of a German composer known as Alva Noto. To love one another, to live within them, to be one in love, to remain in a formless state and without our own attributes, and at the same time realize oneself within that love, are the motifs that Kirov designs in his new choreographic vision. Day by day, reciprocity is created through a transcendental dance quest in order to obtain the answers on questions of the essence of love.

Connect (If I Can)

From Side to Side is an abstract dance story with four characters full of energy and emotion. People who do not know one another find themselves locked in a room with only four chairs. Kirov's choreographic handwriting is energetic, full of passion and emotion, accompanied by the music of the globally famous Balanescu Quartet, the avant-garde string ensemble, which was founded by Alexandre Bălănescu in 1987.

Director of the Split Theatre Ballet, Igor Kirov, on his choreography of The Edge, says: “Dancing on the edge means testing yourself, the matter of which we are made, the courage to plummet into the unknown. Dancing on the edge is evoking ones insides and the place where the most important things happen". Sensual dance duets in the last part of the triptych are accompanied by the music by Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach, performed live by piano player Irina Smirnova and a violinist Ana Tošić D'Ambra.


Igor Kirov

Assistant to choreographer

Albina Rahmatullina

Light Designer

Srđan Barbarić

Sound Designer

Petar Ivanišević

Production Assistant

Gorenka Žižić Jagar

Stage Manager

Irina Nikolenko



Nikita Zdravković, Aaron Kok (Pavel Alexandrov, Uroš Škaper)


Ajla Kadrić, Jaclyn Ann Higgins, Iryna Chaban Bilandžić, Matea Milas, Hazuki Tanase, Pavel Alexandrov, Aaron Kok, Salvatore Cerulli, Ivan Boiko, Remus Dimache


Salvatore Cerulli, Hazuki Tanase, Aaron Kok, Ajla Kadrić

(Eugen Dobrescu, Jaclyn Ann Higgins, Pavel Alexandrov, Ingeborg Hendrikx)

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